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Lash Sealer - Wax Control Sealant

Our Lash Sealant is the perfect solution for eliminating any stickiness left behind after lash application. With a mascara-like finish look, the Lash Sealant is easy to apply over your lashes after lash application, making them clump-free and anti-stick. Say goodbye to sticky and uncomfortable lashes with our Lash Sealant! 

PRO TIP: Apply the lash sealant to give your DIY lashes a boost with a mascara-like finish. 

How To: After you've completed a lash application, brush a light coat of lash sealant on the lashes, and allow to naturally air dry.  Avoid applying the sealant on the base of the lashes.

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Lash Sealer - Wax Control Sealant

Lash Sealer - Wax Control Sealant

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