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Affiliate Ambassador Program

Love the Lash Theory system? Want to share it with your followers and earn a commission on sales generated from your social platforms? Join our affiliate program for free!

Become a member of our affiliate program where you can earn a commission when your followers buy from

Please use the form below to complete your affiliate application. Once submitted, our team members will reach out to you with more information. You will receive a unique link that is specific to only you! Share your link with your followers by putting the link in your bio or, if you have Instagram, a swipe-up option on your story.

You can also offer your followers an instant discount code when they shop by linking our affiliate coupon link that can be found on your affiliate dashboard.

Anytime your unique code is used, you will generate a commission from the sale, minus shipping and taxes. Lash Theory will automatically send you a direct deposit via Paypal Payments every month with your sales commission.

We look forward to seeing you share the Lash Theory system and earn dollars!

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